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Star Ego
Culture is who we are.

Group Founder: eukhia2
Description: It dos not pay to hide ur culture.U can make ppl know u.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 8
Category: Arts & Culture > Dance and Theater

Topics (4)

go U can do beta (5) eukhia2
Do u feel downcast,depressed and frustrated?Dont, becos within u lies a packet of energy.Just perform an art, mine lies in dancing,singing,acting and sports soccer.gif.Neva build a wall with sorrow.Lets...

go My~name~is~khan (3) mr_khan1
Hi friendz

go I am special!! (1) eukhia2
Neva despise ur uniqueness only learn to enhance urs to make d world a beta place.Tell me how u feel about it.Keep 'em comin

go I believe in culture (2) eukhia2
Who can ever exist without a way of life?No one, else u will have no place 2 call home.Africans,asians,americans & all humans must and should have a culture.Imagine! Ants have a way of life.How mu...